Can Fat Grafting or Sculptra Be Used to Treat Prominent Skin Veins Below the Eyes?

Written by Frank P. Fechner, MD

Prominent Veins may develop around the eyes – how can they be treated.

These veins are located superficially, just underneath the skin. Fat grafting is very effective for under the eye hollowness (a.k.a. tear troughs).  We reserve Sculptra for other facial regions such as cheeks and jawline.

But for veins, both fat grafting or filler injections would likely fail to provide satisfactory results. One of the secrets to successful volume treatments is placement deep underneath the skin, especially in the lower eyelid region.

Vascular lasers (such as a YAG) can be tried. If this does not work, one may be left with 3 further options: attempt of micro-coagulation, make-up or surgical repair through a small incision.