We Want Nice Lips

Written by Frank P. Fechner, MD

Just second to the eyes, our lips represent one of the main focal points of the face. When we meet and talk to people, the mouth region attracts plenty of subconscious visual attraction. We cannot help but look at the lips over and over again, even during short encounters. No wonder that we frequently comment on a person’s smile, their teeth and their lips. Angelina Jolie for instance is often noted for her beautiful full lips.

I do not believe that every woman should carry Angelina’s lips! I recognize though how important lip and mouth rejuvenation can be for an overall balanced facial appearance.

Here is an example of a patient who had deep wrinkles and mouth aging. As part of facial rejuvenation, the lips were enhanced using two techniques: facial fat injections and (doctor-strength) dermabrasion. In our practice, these ancillary procedures are frequently performed in conjunction with facelifts and eyelid lifts. Although some lip flaws may remain afterwards, the benefits are significant and long lasting.