Earlobe Deformities, Tears, Gauges and Scars

Problems Due to Ear Piercings, Gauging and Other Body Art Require Meticulous Care

Earlobe Reconstruction Gauge

This young man had medium size earlobe gauging for many years until it literally ripped through leaving him with a large earlobe tear. In addition, a keloid scar nodule formed. In an office procedure, Dr. Fechner performed comprehensive earlobe reconstruction under local anesthesia. Two and a half months later the earlobe has healed well and normal shape is restored. The patient was satisfied with the outcome.

The question of timing of re-piercing is an important one. We recommend to wait a minimum of 3 months before placing new piercings.

“I strongly discourage our patients to place new gauges in the earlobe that experienced the tear”, says Dr. Fechner.