Advantages of an Laser Eyelid Lift?

Written by Frank P. Fechner, MD

Patients sometimes ask about the benefits of an laser eye lift which they may have heard about.

Because the term “laser eyelid surgery” is not well defined for plastic surgeons, the discussion has to start by asking what it actually is. There are a couple of possibilities:

1. Laser resurfacing around the eyes.  The out layers of the skin are removed through heat generated by the laser machine. The depth of resurfacing will determine how much change can be anticipated. Usually, fine lines and wrinkles are the main target. This procedure has been fallen out of favor for many experienced facial plastic surgeons.  For Dr. Fechner, re-sculpting the lower lid region by reducing puffiness and filling in the dark-circle depressions below the lids take a priority. For the upper lids, resculpting and removal of skin excess result in very nice improvements.

2. The laser is used to make an incision for blepharoplasty.  Although it is possible to make incisions with many different instruments, none have been proven to heal better than the one made with a high quality scalpell.